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The armageddon of all farts. The nastiest, most foul-smelling fart that a person can possibly unload.
Todd came to our party last night, and within four minutes the house was completely empty because he dropped a black zephyr. I still can't see out of one eye.
by StraferDown1667 May 09, 2011
An anus-itch-scratching fart.
Dude, my asshole itched something fierce yesterday; plus, I had some medieval gas pains. I took care of both problems with a giant scrart.
by StraferDown1667 May 09, 2011
The perfect bowel movement, with no wiping required. This happens approximately 3% of the time and results in perfect one-piece chisel- or banana-shaped feces.
I knew my day was going to be good when I dropped a perfeces this morning.
by StraferDown1667 May 09, 2011
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