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An online dance music magazine which keeps society in check by reminding us that German minimal techno is the only type of music worth bothering with.

It has saved millions of lives by warning the population away from sophisticated music with actual melodic content.

Its main headquarters can be found in Berlin, due to the German capital being the only city in the world to have nightclubs.

Richie Hawtin can sometimes be seen around the building carrying a copy of Traktor, and being harrassed by literally thousands of worshippers who really know what is important when it comes to music.
Thank fuck for Resident Advisor - the ultimate be-all-and-end-all of dance music journalism.
by Strachman January 21, 2010
A particularly potent form of the dissociative drug ketamine, imported from the exotic plains of Africa, where it is used to tranquilise rhinos and elephants. Legend has it, African tribes used this sacred substance to help them communicate on the same level as common wildlife.

Side effects include involuntary animal noises, crippled walking ability and a compulsive need for more ketamine.
<Dave> Fucking hell, that was some strong ket.
<Steve> Yup, some of that African ket, fresh from the Saharan plains.
<Dave> Fuck man. How you finding it Pete?
<Pete> Meehhhh!! MURRRRR!!!! MURRRRRRRRRRR!!!!
by Strachman January 17, 2010
An acute condition affecting wreckheads, triggered by overstimulation of the brain while on psychedelic drugs.
It results in sudden paralysis, loss of balance and loss of consciousness.
<Dave> Hey look, Tesco! Shall we pop in for a drink?
<Steve> Yeah, sure.
* The wreckheads walk into the supermarket, immediately noticing how bright, colourful and trippy the place looks.
<Dave> Holy shit, this is intense.
<Steve> Yeah, innit! What do you think, Pete? ...Pete?!
* Pete is spazzing out on the floor.
<Steve> Oh fuck, I think Pete has wreckhead shock, let's get him outta here!
<Dave> Fuck's sake, who's idea was it to go into a supermarket?
by Strachman January 02, 2010
A rule-breaking intervention during the passing of a spliff, where a 'middle-man' (aiding the passing of the spliff from one person to another across a long distance) cheekily takes a toke of the spliff before passing it on.
<Dave> PING!
<Steve> PONG!
<Dave> Can someone pass this spliff to Steve? Can't reach him from here.
<Pete> Yeah, I will.
* Pete takes the spliff and has a quick toke before passing it on to Steve.
<Steve> Aaahh, gypsy toked! You bastard!!
<Pete> Sorry mate.
by Strachman January 02, 2010
A line of ketamine large and potent enough to send the user into a k-hole state without any further lines.
An enormous line of ketamine was glimmering from the DVD case, waiting to be snorted.
"I'm not touching that," said Kevin. "That's a hole in one!"
by Strachman January 02, 2010

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