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Rugby, called "The Game Played in Heaven" by supporters and players alike, comes in two flavours; League and Union.
Leauge is a rapidly moving game with the emphasis on skilful passing and kicking. Tackles are limited; running out of tackles results in the ball changing hands. The game is more glamorous and enjoys plenty of success on TV.
Union is slower but allows for more continuity, with play only stopping if someone stuffs up or goes outside or scores etc. Forwards have a more emphasized role in that they are expected to maintain control of the ball (using brute force) if the ball-carrier is tackled. (<-personal preference)

Both games are brutal and hard-hitting, using very little body armour when stacked up against comparable games like Gridiron, and several deaths have occurred on the field, even at schoolboy level.

Despite the game's obvious merits, some people tend to misconstrue the high-intensity play as being a homosexual act. This can usually be linked to their own (latent or otherwise) homosexual tendencies. Also, the misconception that Rugby is played by 'preppy blokes in private schools' is a fallacy- Rugby can be played by preppy blokes, bogans, drongos, jocks, academics, farmboys, yuppies (i.e everyone- as long as their not wimps or averse to copious amounts of pain).
MATE! How bloody awesome was that game of Rugby?! (insert Beer here)
by StormtrooperDoof October 15, 2003
Adjective describing something of an impressive nature.
Originally a corruption of the word deadly, the word dedlee now stands alone as a positive descriptor, used to emphasize nouns in an emotive manner.
Commonly used to describe very entertaining matches in Starcraft, a game of rugby involving the Cronulla Sharks, or a dragon, eg Trogdor.
OMG!!!!! I AM SOOOOO DEDLEEEEEEEEE (as uttered by a dragon)


by StormtrooperDoof October 19, 2003
(Applicable to males only)
To have been (usually unintentionally) struck very hard in the sensitive groin region, resulting in a large impact force upon the testicles. Symptoms include extreme pain between legs and doubling over, to being floored (if the impact is enough).
Nadding is highly unpleasant. Any impact which does not draw a pained reaction of some kind was not a proper nadding, but probably a near miss or was simply too light to be considered a nadding.
An intentional strike upon the sensitive area is known as a low blow
Damn! That stray ball just nadded Dave big time.
by StormtrooperDoof October 15, 2003

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