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Those little furry bastards that dart out into the road when you're tryin to change the radio station, thereby causing you to swerve your car, narrowly miss that innocent tree and hit the yard full of kids play lawn darts...
"Damn, look what that fuckin squirrel made me do..."
by Stinko Man February 04, 2003
To immolate violently and without just cause.
Trogdor burninates the countryside, and any peasant unfortunate enough to cross his path of wanton burnination.
by Stinko Man March 17, 2003
1) A high school activity that involves copious amounts of alchohol, hotel rooms and the mass loss of virginity.
"I went to the Prom with your mom bitch!!"
by Stinko Man February 04, 2003
anacronym, stands for:
Two In The Pink, One In The Stink

To insert your forefinger and middle finger into the vagina, while curling back the ring finger onto your palm and then sneaking your pinky finger in her dirtbox
"Damn yo, this bitch I fucked last night totally wanted the titpoits!!"
by Stinko Man February 02, 2003
1) Lezbo slang term for their strap-ons...
2) If they don't want the real dick, why take a fake one anyway? Dumb lezbos...
Janice and I took turns making sweet love to each other with our strappy...
by Stinko Man February 04, 2003
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