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"Mrot" is the trademark definition for Mort. He is the clearly most l337 aq player ever to grace the servers. He was deemed this title after managing to not claim a single frag in a clan match. He did in fact, end up with a minus score during the 20 minute period. Mrot is a complete pleb.
by Stim March 31, 2004
Word from the street.. in a kind of up-town manner, meaning 'cool.'
"Shamone, that fly-ass bitch is really shatplank.."
by Stim September 18, 2003
Someone who is new. No experience whatsoever in trying to perform a task..
omg did you see him trying to strafe jump? what a complete NEWER
by Stim February 04, 2004
A term used to pre-warn colleagues of a toilet which you have just had a monster shit in, so that fellow colleagues do not make the mistake of making a visit to the same trap within the "cooldown" period.

Traps are numbered from 1 onwards, from left to right as you face the cubicle.
"Alreet lads, just to give ye' a heads up - trap of the day is #4, she was a beauty!"
#massive crap #shit #trap #toilet #smell
by Stim March 26, 2007
vl33t (adj. To be vl33t is to be very l33t. You must achieve a high rank of l33tness before you can become one of great vl33tness. vl33t is a word copyrighted by Stim (l33t(c)).
OGM SI TEH M4ST3R Vl33T!£!%$ (oh my god, he is the vl33t master!)
by Stim September 05, 2003
Probably the best (sarcasm:worst) leather set item in World of Warcraft.

After Aku and Leto obtaining the Cadaverous Garb at the same time, their lives transformed.. and they became

*drum roll*

"cB.Leto pawned Dotaprogamer's head for 150 Gold!"

"The Scourge are owning!"
by Stim August 11, 2005
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