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1 definition by StillLoaded

A sissy/pimp (dude with no ACTUAL game). Acts tough and is usually a sissy pretty boy that will tell a girl anything she needs to hear to try and get laid no matter how lame it is. These guys will usually go to enormous lengths and spend ridiculous amount of money trying to impress a girl that he's not going to get anyway. These girls will often go home and night thinking how easy it was to manipulate these tools out of their money.
Simping: "babygirl your the most beautiful girl in the world can I buy you and all your friends a drink, it ain't a problem for a guy like me"

Simp: "Yea i got a new beamer it was only 70 thousand dollars (that his dad bought him) why don't you and all your friends drink all night on me"
by StillLoaded March 09, 2008
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