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12 definitions by Sticky

clothed female & naked males together.
she is having a cfnm party!!
by sticky October 23, 2003
1045 304
An institution that provokes higher learning after secondary education with extracurricular activities made availible to students.
The daily meeting of Pot Smokers/Nymphomaniacs Anonymous will now come to order........
by Sticky June 19, 2003
93 37
As the chick licks on your nuts, peck her forehead with your dick
by Sticky April 04, 2003
35 19
joke name meaning pedophile
hello my name is peter phile and i want to work at your school
by sticky October 23, 2003
20 5
The process of buying then selling items in quick succession. Original usage was in regard to musical equipment.
"I've just loosemoose'd a Fedner Tele, made a quick monkey on the deal"

"James was planning on loosemoosing an few old pc's to generate some cash to pay for his he/she manchop operation"
by Sticky March 01, 2004
3 6
A ugly as trick
Damn, that bitch is chopped (do ginsu knife chopping motion). I wouldn't touch her with a 10 foot pole!
by Sticky May 06, 2003
32 36
when a bitch hums yo nuts
by Sticky April 04, 2003
70 74