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When you defecate with such force that feces is stuck to the toilet bowl. Can be hard, soft, or mostly liquid to work.
Happens when you have stomach pain, gurgling and horrible uncontrollably sudden bursts of gas. Rectal explosion happens! Your feces sticks to the wall of the bowl. You are blowing stacco!
by Stewy Stew August 20, 2009
1. when someone is gaining weight or slowly fading into a state of physically unfit. i.e. "I am bending the round." or "He or (She) has been bending the round." "I've been bending the round."

2. when someone has ate too much or feels stuffed after eating too much. i.e. First person: "How was dinner?" Second person: "Oh man, I'm bending the round right now." Or in reference to someone else at the table, "Man you are bending the round right now!"
by Stewy Stew July 18, 2009

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