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Bodacious funbags. Tits big enough for her to suck her own nipples. Big enough for you to suck both nipples at the same time. Big enough to juggfuck, i.e. tittyfuck. and stating the obvious, not silicone. 100% real my friend. She can wrap her bosoms around your cock and pump up and down, to make you squirt your load.
Mimi Rogers the actress has a set of delicious large naturals. I would do shit to her I wouldn't do to a farm animal.
by Steven Michael SykeS July 27, 2006
To place your penis between her large naturals and pump until you shoot the jizm all over her teeth.
Don't kiss Angie, I juggfucked her and came across her choppers.
by Steven Michael SykeS July 27, 2006
A female who loves the taste of the swimmies. She will literally wipe the cum off her body after you blow your load and lap it up like ice cream. Prefering to see your spunk shoot out, she will gladly help with the process, and then feast on your white rain like a teenager with a beercup at their first keg party.
Man that girl Linda, was the best jizz chugger I ever came across! Literally.
by Steven Michael SykeS July 27, 2006
Giant breasts on a WOMAN. Ones you can juggfuck. No silicone, large naturals if you know what I mean.
That female has some huge knockers that I would like to do things to.
by Steven Michael SykeS July 30, 2006
An actress with super luscious large naturals that I would like to juggfuck.
Mimi Rogers was a descent actress with a nice rack.
by Steven Michael SykeS July 30, 2006
Someone who has two speeds, slow and stop. They don't so much walk as they proceed in slow motion.
It took you three minutes on a two minute walk there Luke SlowWalker.
by Steven Michael SykeS July 26, 2006
A system of sucking on both of the womans nipples, laying your thumb on her clit, and fucking her brains out at her moment of orgasm. Published in Playboy May 1997 (Forums Section) by me.
With my ex I started the 4 point must system, with my present I perfected it.
by Steven Michael SykeS July 30, 2006
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