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Acronym for "Eat A Bag Of Dicks".
This st00pd n00b should EABOD.
by Steven Kippel September 18, 2006
Slang for Buffalo, New York
There's a pretty decent hardcore scene in Tuffalo.
by Steven Kippel August 23, 2004
(gūn·jô) adj.
1. Causing, intending, or relating to suicide: a suicidal act; suicidal impulses.
2. Dangerous to oneself or to one's interests; self-destructive or ruinous
3. Likely to attempt suicide.

gunjawed (gūn·jô·ěd) adj.

1. To be gunjaw
"After my girlfriend left me, i felt totally gunjaw."

"I was so gunjawed I felt like jumping off the bridge."
by Steven Kippel July 14, 2004
A dominating political party bent on world domination and assimilation. The Robotlican Presidential Candidate for 2004 is Stabulon. Our platform is children.
I'm really excited to see what the Robotlican Party has to offer this year! - Sean Hannity
by Steven Kippel August 23, 2004
1. One who sponges off others and avoids work
2. One who devotes his time to a recreational activity
3. A male prostitute
The bumsters will solicit their time in exchage for cigarettes, beer or cash.
by Steven Kippel May 18, 2006

Used to describe Japanese prostitutes that dress like schoolgirls (as most of them are still in school).

Also known as kogal, or kogaru.
With the boom of anime, and the incrediblly high price of a japanese schoolgirl's lifestyle, you can find many kogyaru in Tokyo.
by Steven Kippel August 23, 2004

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