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A white, heterosexual, English-speaking person who affects the supposed style of blacks, gays and Latins because it is believed that only minorities are capable of feeling and expressing authentic emotions.
"Yo, that Ni$^(* got his b*^$$, amigo," said Steve reinforcing his minoritarian status as he got out of his father's Lexus.
#m&m's #metrosexuals #spanglish #whiggers #poor little rich boy
by Steven Gallanter December 18, 2007
A woman's biceps that are large, photogenic and the result of the long hours put in in a health club by a gym bunny.

Cougars often wear sleeveless dresses by Marc Jacobs to show off their muscular physiques.
Look at the sheceps on Madonna!

That cougar could kill you with her sheceps if she got you into a headlock.
#muscles #toned #gym bunny #biceps #madonna
by Steven Gallanter March 05, 2008
"Premmed out" describes the appearence of a woman over 30, cougar, who uses Premarin to achieve a youthful, sensual appearence.

"Premmed" is derived from Premarin, the Hormone Replacement Therapy drug derived from Pregnant Mare Urine.

Premarin is one of the most prescribed drugs in the U.S.
"I was at the bar the other night and it was a cougar feeding frenzy. Some of these women are 50 and are so Premmed out that they look 30."
#cougar #pre-menopausal #sensual #pregnant mare urine #youthful #over-30
by Steven Gallanter December 18, 2007
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