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193 definitions by Steven

the word for hippo
ur such a katy may
by steven March 31, 2004
22 49
Another term for bone, or own. It used as an alternative. Hence Pone.
My Guitar solo is gonna be good.
Dude you are going to pone.
by steven March 02, 2005
57 86
Shortened form of "Decent" but can also be used as a form of greeting. It lets the person know that you are glad to see them.
You walk into your friends car and istead of saying watsup, you say "dece" it implies whatsup, I am ready to go.
by Steven June 14, 2004
2 31
1. an endearing term used by homosexuals to refer to their partners.

2. the act of eating ass, usually for breakfast.
1. Chuck loves his little muffin-ass.

2. Chuck had some muffin-ass this morning before work.
by Steven June 03, 2004
14 44
Being at the top of the game. One who is superior than everyone else.
Mayn that foo is straight up skyhigh.
by Steven May 02, 2004
11 42
A mysterious extinct dinosaur.
These look like the remains of the clitoris rex.
by Steven September 16, 2003
16 47
a dooshbag is just another name for Agnes
Agnes is a dooshbag
by Steven March 14, 2004
8 43