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Asian Pride Only
When an asian will only talk to another asians.
White guy's friend "Check out that girl. You should ask her out."

White guy "No way man, its not worth it. She is APO."
by Steven February 23, 2005
One who fights for the good of man. The antonym of Newman
That man will go down as one of the greatest Conans in history.
by Steven April 06, 2004
fucking suck my cock
Hey Alicia why dont you fnsmyc you wh0re.
by steven August 05, 2003
When a girl is convinced by society at large, and her friends, that she is NOTHING unless she is in a relationship(engaged or married)in order to please her peers and to prove her womanhood.
Kyle never goes out anymore. That bitch Jenny has him in a Hallmark Headlock!!
by Steven October 25, 2004
used when sumthing is great..but u have to but dude at the end like narley dude
ooo that is narley dude!!!
by steven March 15, 2005
swid got a crick forehead
by Steven March 03, 2003
Catching "yourself" on any inanimate object.
"I just got stick shifted by my bike."
by Steven April 05, 2004

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