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193 definitions by Steven

south of the border, mexican, illegal alien
slight shut up steven pwns you
by steven October 26, 2003
27 65
a idiot
homer simpson
by steven August 10, 2003
4 41
Shit, something people don't want to hear.
Stop talking smack or imma fuck you fuck
by Steven March 07, 2005
63 101
Someone that really SUCKS
Man your a POOTIE
by STEVEN July 26, 2003
5 43
43rd President of the United States and was formerly the 46th Governor of the State of Texas.
"My name is George W. Bush, and I approved this message."
by steven March 01, 2005
107 146
A term that is often used as an insult directed at certain rappers whose songs are constantly played on mainstream radio and MTV, and top the Billboard charts, and who rap about softer, less-threatening subjects which include how rich they are, how they want to please their girlfriends, partying at clubs, drinking champagne (Cry-Stal), and how rich they are. Their music is mostly listened to by young, white surbaban teenage girls, which adds to the criticism since apparently, white people are afraid of rap music if it's too rough. So this is considered the white-friendly alternative. Artists attacked for this include Nelly, 50 Cent, P. Diddy, and Ja Rule. Hilariously considered "Not Real Hip-Hop" by some African-American and Hispanic rap fans. It IS actual hip-hop, just attacked because apparently rappers aren't allowed to become sucess ful, make lots of money, and have their music played alot.
Yo, Nelly ain't real hip-hop! Real hip-hop is Talib Kweli, Mos Def, and De La Soul! That shit is hip-pop!
by Steven August 06, 2004
51 91
When a party-goer smashs the top of the bottle of another party-goer with their own causing the alcohol to foam and overflow. A "Party Fowl" is declared and both parties must chug whatever froths from their bottle.
*"John" sees a "hot", but sober girl, holding a beer. He approachs and hits the top of her beer with his own beer bottle.*
"Party Foul!"
*Both "John" and the "Hot", but sober, girl must now chug any beer which begins to spill*
by Steven July 23, 2004
6 47