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That body of the literature which Lord Christopher Monckton won’t countenance, i.e it's content was rejected by a peer,
The IPCC Fourth Assessment Report is peer-refused science.
#global-warming #green #climate change #peer-reviewed #janine i
by SteveD May 26, 2009
As well as being used by cheap friends, pranking is also being reported as being used as a marketing strategy in Australia. You miss a call and your phone records it with caller ID, you return the call and find you're listening to a recorded marketing message
"oh, missed a call from 9555-1234...I wonder who that is..."

Dial 9555-1234...

''Thanks for calling back! For an online quote for lower cost car insurance go to www. ...'' Click!

"Damn, I wish they'd stop pranking me".
#ping #marketing #scam #caller id #mobile
by SteveD March 02, 2008
Stock rims on the driving wheels of a car (naturally without hubcaps) when the other wheels are bling alloys. Used to ensure that bursting tyres during a burnout does not result in destroying those megabuck bling alloys.

Or at least to create the impression that this is what you are planning to do, even if you've never spun the wheels in your life.

Usually seen in Australia on VN-VS series Commodores.
He's got the burnout rims on...poser!
#burn-out rims #burnout wheels #commodore #p-plater #doof doof
by SteveD January 18, 2007
A word defined to infuriate Wikipedia editors
Since an xkcd comic showed a Wikipedia article entitled "Malamanteau" people keep on trying to create the article!
#xkcd #wikipedia #randall #munroe #vandalism
by SteveD May 11, 2010
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