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When fucking an epileptic bitch, flip on your strobe light and sit back no-hands while she seizes the shit out of you.
I borrowed your strobe light for the Human Vibrator with Angela.
by Steve Shifty Shaft January 16, 2011
A midget drinks green Kool-Aid. During midget sex, the male wears a glow-in-the-dark condom (his lightsaber) and uses the force to cover them both in vomit.
Don't mess with the dark side. You'll just get The Yoda.
by Steve Shifty Shaft January 16, 2011
Upon whispering sweet nothings to your sweetheart, you jizz. This tenses your jaw, which inadvertently tears off her ear. Oops.
Accidents happen, Kevin. Even though you pulled The Mike Tyson, she's got another ear.
by Steve Shifty Shaft January 16, 2011

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