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Ok, I just went through all the Arizona things, and hell, all of them are terrible! You can't base all your knowledge on stereotypes! And nobody better f*cking say "Oh I've been to Arizona. We just moved there and now we're leaving cause it's too stupid!" Cause I have news for you, IT'S NOT STUPID! U ARE! How long have you been here? Were you here for two weeks? Two months? Two years??? I've been here for my entire life. I've been to almost half the other states, and I would choose Arizona over any of them. So here's my definition of Arizona. The REAL definition.

Arizona - The Grand Canyon State. State Flower - Saguaro Cactus Blossom. State Bird - Cactus Wren. the only place in the world you can find a saguaro cactus. (Which is why we take price in it) Coyote, Javelena, Horney Toads, Diamondback Rattlesnakes and many more very unique creatures have made Arizona there home. The cacti that are rooted here have many varieties including saguaro, prickly pear, barrel, jumping, organ pipe, and yucca. We have high taxes, but a LOT of other states do to. Do the math; NEW PRESIDENTS, MORE MONEY FOR OLD ONE!!! Most beautiful sunsets you have EVER seen! (Even northern Arizonans can relate.) Some of the best Mexican food in the country! (And no, Taco Bell does not count as Mexican food stupid mid-country people who say, "Hey, lets go for Mexican food!" And than go to Taco Bell.) Arizonans know the most Spanish than you! We can pronounce all the cacti I named earlier, and many more. No, not every resteraunt starts with ,"El," or ,"Los." We are immune to heat. Yes it's going to get hot here. We get some of the longest daylight hours in the country. This is why pilots from all around the country come here to practice for air shows. (Sorry you mid-country people. You kinda overlooked that fact!) We get to see planes of all different sorts fly here. (At least in Tucson. Sorry other cities! I'm just saying what i am for proof that our state is better than anyone else says it is!) So what if Tucson and Phoenix have heat problems in the summer??? Flagstaff and other northern cities in Arizona get visited for skiing in the winter! And many people visit our state for winter because they don't want to freeze in their own states. (So who's better??? The states who can't stay in there own states for winter cause it's too cold? Or the people who can suck it up in 125* weather in the summer???) Walk up to someone in Arizona and say Tucson. I will promise you will get either a clueless look cause they have no idea where tuCson is, laughed at cause there is no city named tuCson, or corrected because the "C" is silent. If you tried to last the rest of your life in the hot sun, you would be a little timid in the cold cold weather too. Just like if you grew up in the cold cold weather, (Like everybody leaves there states from,) and walk into Arizona, (Somewhere like Tucson or Phoenix. Or the Grand Canyon. or something like them. Hot I mean,) you would be cold. That is why we don't like the cold. because we live in the hot. Even people upstate know how to handle heat. they know how to handle the cold better than us, but they still know how to handle the heat. We may not have snow in hotter places in Arizona, but we have criosote bushes. if you ever smell a wet criosote, than you will know why I am letting you about this. They smell better than the rain. After a monsoon in the summer, (Hot rain,) the entire place smells like criosote. it is amazing. (Didn't know THAT did you mid-country people???)

This is the Arizona I have grown up in. this is the Arizona I love. This is the arizona that people less knowledgealbe about the heat than us keep making fun off. Do you want us to find out everything that's wrong with your states and make fun of them??? NO!!! So please stop making fun of our beautiful state. And if you can't suck up the heat, don't diss those who can.
xXHotArizonaGirlXx: Hey, I need a really good place to eat. We're thinking Mexican. Or maybe pizza? Can you help me think of a great place?
-SUPERMAN-: If you want Mexican, than you should go to El Sur. But it just started charging for totilla chips, so maybe not. Or you could go to that one place in Tucson Estates. But you probnably don't want to go out that far. And in this heat??? No. i think you should go to Brooklen's Pizza Company on 6th avenue. you know, where they have the street fair every year? Or maybe Magpies. It's also on 6th avenue.
xXHotArizonaGirlXx: Yeah. Ok, I'll take your word for it! Brooklen's sounds good right now!

xXSkiiChampXx: I can't WAIT until the ski lodge opens this year! I mean, i have everything ready!
+Slow_On_The_Slopes+: I know! I have new ski gear ready and EVERYTHING!!! I'm so excited. I'm gonna go make a snowman. Hey, u wanna come over??? We could make one of Mrs. Gardner!
xXSkiiChampXx: HELL YA!!!!! Ooo, can I bring some abnormally large rocks and we could see which one would make a better mole!
+Slow_On_The_Slopes+: Ya! My mom is making cocoa. See you here!
by Stereotype Breaker June 14, 2008

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