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a slurred internet way of saying "it's all better"

very similar to:
no worries
its all good
IM1: Hey, u there or not?!
IM2: Oops, sorry, I stepped away for a minute. phone.
IM1: Salbuttah
by ster September 20, 2004
swug sweeg swooty booty
girl you suppa go go juice now drank up dat swag aid
by STER September 17, 2013
very similar to meh, but in negative indifference.

originated by the creator of the interjection meh
John: So, do you want to go to the movies saturday?

Jane: Neh, I'm probably doing something then

"neh, I don't really care what you do, but doesn't sound like a good idea to me."
by Ster July 31, 2004

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