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(noun) (a.k.a: Sesshy, Fluff, Fluffy)
The most hot anime guy on Earth created by the queen Rumiko Takahashi (worship). A full fledged dog demon, and anti-hero in the anime "InuYasha" .The "Lord of the Western Lands", son of the Inu no Taishou (Great Dog Demon) have a arrogant super hot attitude, his hair is long and white, long sexy claws, super hot voice (in any language),he have a purple crescent moon mark on his forehead, red-like delineated eyes, and two magenta stripes on both cheeks and hands. He like to refer to him self in third person and treat people like crap (InuYasha included). His true form is a huge dog demon that's awesome and it rocks, he onle have transformed three times in the anime: when he fought with inuyasha for the first time, when he went with his momma, and in the last battle. He's InuYasha's half older brother and he kicks his a$$, Sesshomaru hates InuYasha for possessing the Tensaiga (sword of Earth the one that kills), being their Father's favorite kid and cutting his hot left arm. Sesshomaru hate InuYasha but he have saved him several times and helped him a lot with the Naraku quest, he really cares of him even if he never say it and viceversa. Sesshomaru possess three swords: Tokijin, Tensaiga (sword of Heaven, the one that revives), and Bakusaiga (at the end of the manga, when he recovered his left arm *yaaaaay!!*). He's super mysterious, strong, fast, super old O.O, intelligent, and hoooot! -drools-
His two companions are Jaken, a bastard little twerp that seems that is in- love of him; and Rin, a little mortal girl that he treats like his daughter, oh and his truck! a two-heads dragon-like demon Ah-Un. Sesshomaru's clothes are super awesome demonstrating his high rank and he have a fluff thingy on his right shoulder that is a live parasite called Mokomoko. Sara (a mortal bitch) and Kagura (the gay Naraku form) are in love of him, but guess what?, they died so he's single xDD People like to pair him with whatever thing is in front of them: Kagome, Kikyo, Sango and a long list of more and more. He's just or more popular than InuYasha and Sesshomaru have more fangirls than anything because of his hotness. He's the best anime character ever!!
Dang!! I love this Sesshomaru! he should have his own T.V show.

Sesshomaru's hotness melts my heart, why he isn't real?

Sesshomaru is 1000000 times better than InuYasha.
by StephxDD January 10, 2009

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