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A repressed homosexual that informs you if someone is gay.
What a fairy spotter she was. Watching that movie last night, she kept telling which actors were not real men.
by Stephan Smolka September 24, 2008
The art and science of destroying freedom by allowing people to make bad decisions. Peripherating through society but not limited to legalization of drugs, college education for the unmotivated and home ownership for the financially irresponsible. The end result being martial law and bigger government as a solution to the problems it creates.
Making welfare and food stamps easier than earning money at a trade is an example of Ruinism.
by Stephan Smolka January 09, 2009
When some says or does something really stupid and/or idiotic. Is said mockingly as in 'ah ha, ah ha' Used instead of 'asshole' when the word could get you banned for not being pc.
After all the stupidity I witnessed from the group, It was a release to mock them out loud by shouting "AH HA, AH HA !!!" At them.
by Stephan Smolka September 26, 2008
The ubiquitous holiday that is being looked forward too, because life is so miserable we need holidays to distract us from that fact.
Singing the song" Happy special bullshit day! Bullshit, special, happy day!!"

by Stephan Smolka September 26, 2008
Monster head. I big ugly head on a disproportioned body.
Charlie Brown comic strip characters come close to looking like encephalophaguses.
by Stephan Smolka September 23, 2008
Someone who tells you the obvious, but clams up when you need real information.
Watching the movie, me and my sister witnessed the stunt man jump out the window. She exclaimed,"The man jumped out the window!" I replied,'Doiy-doiy, tell me something I don't know!'
by Stephan Smolka February 27, 2009
When a law or rule has the dubious distinction of making you do the opposite of what was intended.
A literal example of the yellow light effect is to speed up when you see a yellow light. Figuratively, you do the opposite.
by Stephan Smolka November 21, 2008
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