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3 definitions by Stephan Kinsella

Emphatic yes indeed, or "Boy, would I!"
A says, "Man, is dat chick HOT or what?" B responds, "If!" meaning "Yes indeed!"

Used in Louisiana. My theory is that this was someone's adaptation of the Spanish usage of the word "si" for both yes and if (there is some Spanish influence in Louisiana).
by Stephan Kinsella June 09, 2005
A colloquial expression for salami.
Slice me up a half pound o' pepper sausage please.
by Stephan Kinsella June 09, 2005
Similar to solid quarter--when one needs to convert any combination of pennies or nickels to equal 10 cents in one piece of coinage, they would ask for a silver dime.
Hey Dude, can you give me a silver dime for these two here nickels?
by Stephan Kinsella June 09, 2005