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Someone who WAS completely resistant to all things Twilight. Typically just because of a rebellion to the hype. However, now they have seen the light, and are presently, Twi-bernating with one or more of the awesome books by Stephenie Meyer...
My husband refused to read about Edward, Jacob and Bella himself, but kept asking questions about the movies!!

Really? What'd you do?

I stopped answering and insisted he find out for himself... Now he can't stop reading New Moon, too! Finally, another Twi-Vert!
by StepMonster December 01, 2009
when you type a text, chat or email, that comes across all wrong. Upon reading it, the receiver gets super offended and now you have a hot mess to sort out...
WilyOne8467: What have you been doing all day?
SuprDude779: What are you implying?
WilyOne8467:Nothing! I mean, have you done anything today?
SuprDude779: Done anything??? WTF! Are you calling me a lazy good for nothing?!?!?!
WilyOne8467: Oh jeez, Dude! This is all eggressive, now!
by StepMonster September 18, 2009

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