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when the Chinese cut your big white hairy dick off for stealing stuff
Cody was dewanged for steal a truck, two 12 gauges, a beer
by StellHorny69 November 23, 2012
1. When white snot drips from the nose, which looks like someone busted a nut in your nose.
2. When your sick and cum drips from the tip of your penis.
1. Dustin has had PostNaselDick for 2 weeks.
2. Brad has had PostNaselDick ever since he banged that girl Emma.
by StellHorny69 November 18, 2012
When fucked so hard in the anal you walk bow legged.
Emma must have DickSyndrome because she is walking weird as fuck.
by StellHorny69 November 18, 2012

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