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A person having the intelligence of a rabbit.

An idea or philosophy that a rabbit could have conjured up
George W. Bush was the most hare brained President we ever had

Who ever came up with the hare brained idea of a burial vault?
by Stefonamus April 02, 2010
A condition when a person's act becomes tedious, stale, monotonous and boring. As a result, no one will pay attention to him anymore. Much like the dog who wagged his tail so much that it fell off!
"Valkyre" would have been a great movie if that wagged out Scientologist hadn't played the main role!

Travolta is so wagged out on Dianetics that he played "Edna" in the remake of "Hairspray."

Jerry Lewis should have retired before he wagged out on us.
by Stefonamus September 08, 2010
The fun to do prank of shoving your finger in anther persons nose, then jamming that slimed finger into their mouth. When administering a mick to another, it is sometimes necessary to put his head in an arm lock, for they might resist the infliction of that mick. Micks are always funner if you pre flavor the finger with something rank before inflicting it.
Wow! Mike just gave Norman a Double-Barelled Royal MICK! Gross!
by Stefonamus January 18, 2010
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