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A fierce climax from face fucking that blows the back of the skull open.
Lardiss: Hey man wheres Cindy.

Ty: She's dead; last night I achieved thunderhead and now her cranial products paint my headboard.

R-dog: She was kinda weak anyway.
by ty187 August 05, 2006
The act in which when a man is receiving oral sex, he pulls his penis out of the persons mouth and cock slaps them repeatedly on the head and continues to ejaculate onto their face.
I gave that skank a thunder head last night when she charged me an extra 50 bucks for the blow job.
by KTKV November 25, 2009
The hard, knotty end of a constipated turd
George! Your thunderhead clogged the toilet again!
by Stefonamus February 11, 2010
thun·der·head, n. The swollen upper portion of a thundercloud, usually only recognized by people who enjoy having great breadth, but little depth of knowledge.
"Hey everybody! Look over there at that thunderhead!"

"Shut up Steve, no one cares."
by Joe October 22, 2004

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