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5 definitions by Steff

a fat bastard, and has other repulsive un-qualities, especially when on motor boats.
"look at that GLUBB with a steering wheel" (viewed in stratford on the river avon)
by steff November 05, 2003
8 3
A quality that one wishes not to have
Her fat hands are certainly an un-quality as she cant pick up pennies
by steff November 05, 2003
4 1
Effect of a certain drug when consumed by a certain type of person
Joel ran in a euphoric state and screamed at the top of his voice "ooo-duffman!!!!!"
by steff November 05, 2003
4 2
A combonation of hot beans,mexican rice, chili, in a stir fry, with a severed dick atop the creaton.
Waiter: Sir, what can I get for you this evening?
Patron: I will have spicydick, along with a side of semen for dipping.
by Steff March 18, 2004
2 20
one who unclogs toilets
My dad was the turd-burglar after i went to the bathroom.
by Steff April 27, 2004
13 66