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Perceived to be the 'original' or 'first' homosexual male, if such a being ever existed. The occasional myth that emerges from closed circles entails that the one Gay Lord ruled over homosexuals in early Mesopotamian times as a deity of sorts and if he still lived today, would be able to control every living gay man with a single thought. Some say that the homosexual 'essence' of the Gay Lord was / is the purest of all gays. To this day, it is unknown as to how the Gay Lord actually looked like, although there is much speculation on whether the Gay Lord still lives; locked away in deep slumber. It has also been said that the Gay Lord has no apparent connection with bisexuals or lesbians.
"Like you said palooka, the Kindred have their Cain and the homos have their Gay Lord.."
by SteevJ March 31, 2005
A derogatory term that plays on the way Sylvester Stallone's character Rocky Balboa would slur his words, cruelly implying the receiver of the insult to be mentally challenged.
"You guys are a bunch of rockys.."

"Cant you do anything right you rocky?!"
by SteevJ March 31, 2005
Singluar use of the term "unco".
Gav: I told you man.. you couldn't even sink that ball of paper into the bin...
Reese: Hey, I dont count that as one of my 'life skills' okay?
Gav: You sure are one hell of an unc!
by SteevJ March 31, 2005
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