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3 definitions by Steelersfanps

Any person who purposely listens to music by or styles their hair like the Uber Tard Justin Beiber.
While visitng my nieces and nephews I noticed they had posters of Justin Beiber hanging in their rooms, after I puked a little bit in my mouth, I proclaimed them Uber Beiber Tards.
by Steelersfanps November 08, 2010
The act of placing a piece of plastic wrap over the vaginal area of a woman who is menstruating, then pressing the plastic down into the bloody area and slowly peel off, thus creating a fruit roll up, most closely resembling cherry flavor.
I wanted to give Suzie some oral sex last night but didnt feel like diving into her menstrual cycle, so I found some plastic wrap and made a fruit roll up.
by Steelersfanps November 08, 2010
The result of a man with a cheesy penile stench having intercourse with a woman who is menstruating and pulling out only to find out he has a string dangling from his cock.
After I earned my red wings last night I shoved my smelly cock in Jen, poked her tampon for a few minutes, and came out with string cheese.
by Steelersfanps November 08, 2010