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A hella fun game that almost a copy of CS counter strike but funner.With there unique Ghost Mode game mode this makes it one of the funniest FREE FPS's out there
Waffle's: dude imma hit up CrossFire get on!

Shamps: Okay
by SteelWaffle August 11, 2009
Nocturnal hacks,chams,walls,u name it she does it!!!
Nocturnal: haha u died

Waffle's: OMG HACKER!!
by SteelWaffle August 11, 2009
Some one who cant stop "spreading his seed"
Zach: Why isnt jimmy here?

Gary: He has major caffeine dick right now.

Zach:Dammit we aren't gunna see him all day then.
by SteelWaffle August 10, 2009
a hacker or cheater
Waffle's: WTF how'd did you see me through the box Jaggar
by SteelWaffle August 11, 2009
Shamps is a nickname for some one who get shampoo in there eyes when they take a shower, no matter what they do!
Shamps: Dude i keep getting shampoo in my eyes!!

Waffle's: poor shamps
by SteelWaffle August 10, 2009
Someone who black screens in a clan match or scrim causing the whole clan to loose. But no matter how many times it happens the team still wants him!
steelwaffle: I just black screened.....

Sh4mps: DAMMIT WAFFLES!!!!!!!
by SteelWaffle August 11, 2009
AFKAB is used in online video games.
Meaning some one is away from keyboard at spawn point or at base

the fucking noob is AFKAB
by SteelWaffle August 10, 2009

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