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Letting rip a properly brewed grunt into the bowl (pan) of a toilet, then setting it alight, causing the grunt to ignite.

This is a dangerous sport, since one has to be virtually seated on the toilet when being lit, to stop a) the gasses from escaping due to diffusion, and b) the movement of getting off the bog blowing the gasses away.

This mostly results in gooch hair removal.
Shit! that pan flash nearly took my fucking gooch hair off!
by Steddaz October 19, 2006
When a scab forms in your ear due to the scratching of an ear spot, the wax combines with the scab to become a waxy scab (Wab).

This wab can then be used as a way of humiliating somebody who pisses you off, through the act of 'wabbing'. When you get a wab on your clothes, it will never ever come off.

'Fuckin hell, why did it have to be me?'
'What happened?'
'Stedman wabbed me!'
'ROFL, LMAO, LOL, Alt+F4, etc. etc.
by Steddaz October 19, 2006
The difficult art of jizzing in somebody's face when the lights are out.

Extra points are awarded if the result is still there when they wake up.

It is called a potshot because darkness causes inaccuracy in most cases
*Wakes up*
"Who the fuck has potshotted me?!"
by Steddaz October 19, 2006
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