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Users of the /mu/ imageboard.
Alright /mu/tants, any of you vaginas heard the new Opeth album yet?
by Steam Machine April 29, 2008
A person who has a distinct difficulty listening to singers who are unique and creative in their singing style, particularly female singers, such as Bjork or Karin Dreijer. As such, they will refuse to try any band or vocalist who sings even remotely different than the way Rihanna or any other drab pop artist does.
"God, you're making a big mistake not listening to bands like The Knife just because the vocalist sings kinda strangely sometimes. You're such a Bjork Nazi."
by Steam Machine February 09, 2008
A glowstick in the shape of a cross. Christened so (pardon the pun) on account of the fact that Justice handed out glowsticks in the shape of crosses at all their concerts since the release of their first LP "Cross" in 2007.
"Hehe, you'd think they were handing out contraceptives. The Justice Crosses come in a bag that looks like a johnny packet."
by Steam Machine February 10, 2008
Any footwear that has been worn by a person whilst that person killed another person(s).
My friend's uncle fought in World War II. He was wearing these very same boots when he shot another man to death. They're what I call my "killing boots"
by Steam Machine September 02, 2007
Somebody holding a deck of cards will offer to play "Tidy Up" and the gullible unsuspecting victim, thinking that this is a card game, will take up the offer. Then the person with the cards will throw the cards all over the floor and then order the victim to "tidy up". The game can also similarly be titled "Clean up", "Janitor", "Cleaner", or "Vaccuum".
Ross: "Wanna play Tidy Up?"
Deb: "How d'you play that?"
Ross: "I'll show you"
Deb: "Okay"
Ross throws the cards in his hand over the floor
Ross: "Tidy Up!"
by Steam Machine February 09, 2008
A man is said to give a woman the 'Drum Treatment' when he finally gets his much desired chance to provide her with sexual pleasure. Derived from the popular Scottish simile "I'd like to beat her like a drum".
"God, Nina turns me on so much. Her legs are so perfect. I'd love to give her the Drum Treatment."

"Yeah, that's right. Whilst you bitches were at Hannah's house watching South Park, I was getting the Drum Treatment from Alex"
by Steam Machine February 09, 2008
Like the phrase "marble town" is used to refer to a graveyard, 'marble house' is used to refer to a single grave. And like the term 'marble town' is used to comfort those who have lost a loved one, 'marble house' is an equally comforting euphemism. (Also, incidently, "Marble House" is a kickass song by Swedish band The Knife from their album 'Silent Shout').
"Don't worry Martha... James isn't really gone. He's just resting in his marble house. He's safe, Martha. I promise."
by Steam Machine February 09, 2008
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