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A common compilation of the three easiest phrases to pronounce when one is really really ticked off.
"God, I hate that electrician so so motherfucking much!. Ergg! Kurt. Cunt. Dotcom Fucking Ruff Motherfucking Dick Cunt Cuntscratching Fuck!!"
by Steam Machine February 09, 2008
Name used to describe a structure constructed entirely out of dinner cutlery. The origin of the term is rooted in events in Turkey where Japanese persons tried to pronounce the word "sculpture" in English.
"Timotharoo, you have made-aroo a Sculpturaroo!"
by Steam Machine February 07, 2008
Unexplained, or unneccesary, gore in films
I'm not so keen on horror films filled to the brim with Eeela. I'd rather enjoy a film without senseless violence.
by Steam Machine September 02, 2007
verb (used with object) -- To leave a college football coaching job for the NFL, coach two years in the league, then return to college football with another school in the same division in the same conference as the school you left.
Nick Saban just spurriered LSU.
by Steam Machine January 03, 2007
A very offensive reference to the blood of a black man.
"As you can see, Africa is a great resource of crude oil, which makes it one of the richest continents on Earth"
by Steam Machine February 07, 2008
A women's physical assets - used especially when describing a large buttock area.
How's about we finish up for today and have a good old time juggling my nomenclature?
by Steam Machine September 02, 2007
A popular insult used by French people to Americans roughly translated as "I will have my revenge against you".
American: "I'm gonna get you, Pepe le Bitch!"
Frenchman: "Hakuna Matata, bitches!"
by Steam Machine February 07, 2008

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