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A term used in old literature such as "Romeo and Juliet"
It defines a small penis that is old and wrinkly; an insult such as 'biting the thumb'(physical act), which means tell someone has a pitiful penis.
"Yo dude, did you see the poor john on Gary in the showers today. It's like a raisen!"
by Stealthcrip October 12, 2005
1. To be surprised

2. "Oh, Shit"

3. Muffins coverd in crap
First guy: "Dude, did u study for the test today?"
Second guy: "Crud muffins! I forgot"
by Stealthcrip October 12, 2005
n.- to releasa a hot steamy pile of crap in one's undergarments.
"Dude, what the hell is that smell?"
"I think Jared released a heavy load"
by Stealthcrip October 12, 2005
To slap one in the face with an enourmous shlong.
"Remember that one time u gave johnny that french tickle and he went blind!"
by Stealthcrip October 12, 2005
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