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Black Out in Black Out.
This is when an individual consumes so much alcohol, they clearly are blacked out and will not remember anything, but, they forget what is happening in the current blackout.
Someone who is BOIBO, would be playing a game of pool and can not remember if he is stripes or solids during the game. He would have no recollection of the entire game the next day.
by Steaksizzle December 22, 2009
Benny Tight Pants is the name for the following syptom:
The ithcy dry feeling males get in the inner thighs when walking in cold weather, 32 and below, in suit pants. It is as if you were wearing the tight pants your mom dressed you in during your elementary school years and lined the pants with brillow pads.
Gosh it's so cold out, my inner thighs feel like Benny Tight Pants.
by Steaksizzle December 22, 2009

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