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Commercialized music that is extremely popular among people. Depending on the generation, mainstream music may be great or it may be garbage. As of the 2000's, mainstream has been garbage. Even more recently, Pop and generic rock music has overtaken Rap music, and the mainstream is at it's apex of garbage.

Mainstream music is contantly shat out by Hollywood, and what is considered piping hot now will be forgotten in a few years. For example, all of the boy-bands popular in the late 1990's to early 2000's are nowhere to be seen.

You can find many shat-out artists such as Lady Gaga plastered all over the Myspace home page.
Mainstream music is mainstream when Hollywood says it is.
by stay gold ponyboy April 16, 2010
A person who hates most metal that is popular, and would rather listen to some shitty metal band with a name nobody would care to pronounce correctly and a fan base of 5 people in the whole world. Anymore is considered too popular for their liking and is automatically deemed a shit band. They will flame the 13 year olds who mistake nu-metal bands for actual metal.
Metal Elitist: Dimmu Borgir? They suck shit balls. They're sellouts, and their shitty music isn't metal. Go listen to some Korpiklaani.

Oh wait, I just found out that 10 kids at my school like them, nevermind, they suck ballsack also.
by Stay Gold Ponyboy November 06, 2009
Wiki website that rips on anything you love, denies what you have learned, bashes every band on the planet, and is racist to all. They usually give false information about everything, with the exception of the "Sick fucks." They often like to follow the path of 4Chan, using all of their vocabulary and memes.

However, it should be noted that it is just for "lulz", and should not be taking too seriously. If you get offended easily, don't go there.
Encyclopedia Dramatica is a site for bitching about the world.
by Stay Gold Ponyboy September 06, 2008
The origin of almost any fucking internet meme you can think of. Site is filled with taboo porn, stupid pictures and other stupid shit.

A couple of examples include the Rick Roll and the motivational pictures. This site has gotten pretty old, and should die immediately because everything they put out is no longer funny, amirite?
4Chan is the source of all the stupid memes you see these days.
by Stay Gold Ponyboy September 06, 2008
One fucked up motherfucker from South Park. He is the teacher of Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny. He was gay as a male, and later, when he turns into a women via sex change, he becomes a lesbian. He's just gay no matter what sex he turns into. It's a fucking shitstorm. He also used to be obsessed with puppets. Mr. Hat was his original puppet lover, but he was replaced with Mr. Stick. Who knows what the hell Mr. Garrison did with those puppets. He's had relations with Big Gay Al, Mr. Slave, and guys he's somehow fooled into thinking he is a woman. Mr. Garrison created the Gay Tranny Paradox. If a gay man turns into a woman and becomes a "lesbian" is he gay or straight? I don't fucking know.
Mr. Garrison is a fucked up person.
by Stay Gold Ponyboy November 20, 2010
An anime and avatar-based chat/networking site like myspace.
You use their currency - "Gold", in order to buy clothes and other shit. First day signing up, you are a poor avatar with starter clothes and 200 gold, which isn't worth shit. As you progress, you earn more, buy more, and do more fun stuff. They have a ton of items to select from. The possiblities for your avatar are endless.

However, this site is full of noobs, Narutards and furfags. Noobs usually spend their time trying to find dates and having virtual sex with other noobs' avatars. And if you are a teenager who likes slipknot and other nu-metal bands, DO NOT go to the Metal forums. It is full of elitist assholes and faggots who only like bands that nobody has heard of. They will flame you. This is the unfriendly side of the website.

Despite that, this website is a great website and is, in a way, better than fucking myspace.
Gaiaonline is a good site.
by Stay Gold Ponyboy September 06, 2008
If a gay man becomes a woman via sex change and becomes a full on lesbian, what is his orientation? He-she can be regarded straight, because even with the absence of a ballsack, he still has the Y-chromosome, thus still a man. But legally, he's a woman...so what the fuck.

Can also be used to describe a lesbian woman becoming a man and turning gay.

Created by Mr. Garrison of South Park.
Mr. Garrison is a prime example of the Gay Tranny Paradox.
by stay gold ponyboy June 15, 2011

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