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2 definitions by Stauner

An esoteric form of statistical manipulation of raw data in order to Get Rid Of Shite Like That!
Q: ooh! what's wrong with that, have you checked the data?
A: Um... no... is it that bad?
Q: Have you ever heard of GROSLT manipulation?
by Stauner March 09, 2010
Make Up Some Shit(e) And Publish It.

a) A journalistic technique.

b) Sometimes used, although only in a self-effacing manner, amongst analysts, mathematicians and scientists to describe their latest research to their immediate peers.
Hack: I'm struggling to fill the front page! It turns out that immigration is slowing, the crime-rate has nose-dived, there aren't any serial killers on the loose and there aren't any communicable diseases worth talking about!

Editor: MUSSAPI or you're sacked!
by Stauner August 11, 2010