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Some one who knows alot of random usless stats or facts.

I'm a stat nerd. Look up my other posts if you care.
by statnerd May 05, 2010
If your planning to skim over my definition, basicly what i'm trying to say is that Marijuana isn't addictive at first and it is probobly about as dangerous as tobacco.

To start, I want to say that America hates Marijuana and having no personal experiance with weed, some of my facts might be flawed. I studied it out of curiosity and tried to ignore all of the bias information and this is some of the most controversial information that I learned:

Marijuana most likely not initially addictive. Like sex, it can be pleasent, and is often considered addictive. After a while your body begins to associate being high as normal so it will send signals requesting more. It is a fact that tobacco is more addictive although possibly less dangerous. This is not proven though. One reason this is believed is because Marijuana is often laced in a stronger, more addictive drug to keep the clients getting more from the dealer. That is a probable reason that many addicts move on to stronger drugs.
That is all I have to say. I'm not necessarily saying that i'm pro Marijuana leagalization, but I do belive that it would be less shady and less likely to be laced with another drug. If you found my definition to be at all helpful, please give me a thumbs up. : )
by StatNerd May 05, 2010
An abbreviation for statistic. If you dont already know what it is then your either stupid or your waiting for me to say somthing funny... Nope not gonna happen...
48% of all stats are made up on the spot.
by Statnerd September 10, 2010
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