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A female that deserves a pat on the back for achieving so much publicity for doing so little.
Displayed impressive amounts of retard-ness in the Big Brother house, by using lard as sun screen.
Later married a cretin (Jeff Brazier, who shares equal intelligence) and had a kid
Continues to appear in celebrity magazines, claiming various things.
Released her own full priced perfume called 'Shhh' - later seen being sold for 3 pounds.
No matter how hard she tries, Jade will always resemble a pig
Appears to be completely harmless, quite likable and without any special self-goal, she is still a complete waste of space.

She is nowhere near as self-publising as the whore 'Kerry Katona'
After 20 years of drug abuse, including acid, methamphetamine, heroin and qualudes, the patient nearly matched the IQ levels of Jade Goody.
by Stationmiek October 10, 2006
Term used to describe something that is of no use whatsoever - usually using during an attempt to install a Microsoft product on a Windows OS.
Arg, that Bill Gates, he's about as much use as a Sack of Horse Piss.
by Stationmiek October 10, 2006

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