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A cruel trick perpetrated by victorias secret. Well I know her secret, she's a fucking whore.
I heard a pop, and suddenly I found myself soaking wet. As I stood there with my mouth agape, staring stupidly at her sopping wet chest, with it's now lop sided breasts, it begain to dawn on me that I had been the victim of a most cruel hoax. The water bra.
by Stash_Master August 12, 2006
The only fast food burger place in a small town. The term shit burger can be confusing if there's more than one burger place. Unless one place is better than the other, making the shitty one shit burger by default. But then why would you go there, unless it's open later than the good place.
Felix: You hunger?
Tyson: Yeah.
Felix: Where you wanna eat?
Tyson: how about shit burger?
Felix: Sure, whatever.
by Stash_Master August 12, 2006
One who commands the dick.
Mike: Your such a dick commando.
Todd: Fuck you.
by Stash_Master August 12, 2006

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