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2 definitions by StarsInTheSky

the most torturous thing you can ever be given!
it's given to young innocent teenagers, and builds up and up until you have no control of it, it ends up with a life of it's own, whilst ruining yours and OBLITERATES your free time.
teachers sadistically like to give it to students during the holidays (christmas, summer) and expect it to be done...
i already have 5 pieces due in for tomorow that i havent done!
kev: hey u wana come chill with us tomoro nyt??
tom: nah man, i cant, coursework to do.
by starsinthesky January 02, 2007
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A Latina girl that is cute and bubbly. Has pink cheeks and a beautiful smile. Goofy and likes to play video games. Has beautiful dark curly hair. Swears alot and is super funny. Amazing to be around. Has a heart of gold.
Jasilyn Pokemon!! O.O

Let's Cuddle Jasilyn!!
by StarsInTheSky March 27, 2013
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