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short definition for snapping pussy
oh baby, you never said you had a snapper. Arghhhhh!
by starscream October 14, 2003
A vagina that has strong muscles that can squeeze the pecker rapidly.
Never shot a load like with that snapping pussy.
by starscream May 23, 2003
To lose one's virginity, particularly applying if you're a chick.
Cherry poppin is messy fuckin work.
by starscream May 23, 2003
When you take bacon and wrap it around the sasauge
"Boy you better bacon your sasauge" Homer Simpson
by StarScream June 16, 2004
1970's ground breaking space epic later reduced to "Meesaa gonna die! Meesaa gonna die."
Star Wars would be great if it weren't for Jar Jar.
by starscream October 14, 2003
Porn, Girls, sexy. Language adopted by KMA
creator of the word "chompy"
wow! look at that thaaps!
by Starscream September 27, 2003
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