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A channel used on some IRC networks set up as a "trap" for Spambots. Once a user joins this channel, they will be automatically banned from the network.

Some networks use this channel to send annoying or troublesome users to - as this will also result in them being banned from the network.
* Now talking in #hell

Topic is "Welcome to #hell SPAMBOT"

*** K-Lined for 3 hours: #3221: Thank you for flying #hell express!
* Disconnected
by StarCodeKei March 26, 2007
An IRC network created by jinxi. This network includes many family-related channels, Group-help channels like Overeaters Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, etc, and several RPG channels (including StarTrek).

This network was split off EFnet (ERIS-free Network) by jinxi and some small staff members.
Server location: irc.starchat.net
by StarCodeKei March 16, 2007
Owner and Founder of the IRC Network.

Known by users to frequently ban users via means of kline and gline commands, Usually for inappropriate or unworthy reasons.

Admin punks include Luverly, Greystone, and LadyConeFlower.
jinxi also goes by LadyStar, and by her realname, Sanden.
<n00buser> I cant figure out how to register my nick. Your network sucks.
*** Global -- from OperServ: jinxi set AKill on *!*@*.isp.com for 30 days #14: another two watt bulb
* n00buser (username@my.isp.com) Quit (User has been banned from this server)


<n00bie> What is that channel #hell for?
<jinxi> Take a look for yourself
*** Global -- from OperServ: jinxi pushed n00bie into #hell
*** Global -- from OperServ: OPM-T-Rex-Mon set AKill on n00bie!*@* for 3 hours #15: Thank you for flying StarChat
* n00bie (user2@my.second.isp.net) Quit (User has been banned from this server)
by StarCodeKei March 09, 2007

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