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the gaping orifice on the stupified face of a stoner, esp. as s/he is slowly drawing smoke into the chamber of a water pipe before releasing the carburetor.
Ron: mmmm...mmm .mmm...mmm!
Anchower: Quit yappin' your bonghole, or you'll blow your bongload.
by Stanky March 30, 2006
A bonghole is that stinky place between your ass cheeks where you make poo. Also known as sphincter, crinkled star, chocolate starfish, pootyhole, asshole, butthole, hershey highway, poop chute, cornhole, browneye, arsehole, back door, balloon knot, culo, pooper, shithole, stinkstar, turd cutter, hiney hole, bumhole, etc..
1) Beavis said "I need TP for my bonghole"

2) She was beggin for it, I had to thow it allupinzoid the bonghole.

3) she asked me, "what do you mean by tung-da-bung?" I mean for you to tongue my bonghole, baby.
by Knucklehead Steve May 23, 2005
A hole some where on your's not specified which hole it is. It's just a hole.
Dude; "She just stuck it right in her bong hole!"

Other Dude; "Holy shit man! That's freaking insane."
by prettyawsomeperson January 24, 2011
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