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Quite possibly the best vehicle that retails for under $15,000. It looks better then other similarly priced cars and is faster then cars in its price range. 3.8 V6 engine makes 193hp and usually between 160-165 at the wheels. Equiped with a t5 tranny makes this car a great buy.
Look at that stang, its hawt!
by StangDriver January 31, 2005
Faster then a speeding ticket ofcourse.
SMOKKED NOOB yesss best car ever
by StangDriver January 31, 2005
A POS mid 15 second to high 15 second car that is a half assed attempt at a decent sedan. Usually driven by spoiled teengers who dont know what a real car is. An overpriced civic.
by StangDriver January 30, 2005
A redneck Ferrari. People who drive this car share traits with Camaro owners, usually have mullets or had mullets in the past, like to get drunk on a daily occassion.
Look at that car, he wishes it was a ferrari but it gets smoked by v6 stangs all day!
by StangDriver January 31, 2005

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