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Similar to the freshman 15, the high 15 is the short amount of time someone gains fifteen pounds from the first few times of getting high. Achieved through the munchies.
I am currently suffering from a high 15. I have noticed that I am high (as I type this) and have been eating cake, lays chips, water, tab, pint of chocolate icecream...and it occured to me I might be showing symptoms of the incurable high 15.

Earlier when I went to send a text I realized my eyes couldn't look at the same spot at the same time and my left wrist feels really heavy when I don't look at the screen and so I do to correct my grammar so you can't see how high I am. But I actually have much better grammar and punctuation when I'm high because of it. I should also split this up because this is getting long. I also keep getting caught in the mirror for long periods of time. I hope no one thinks this is gay because it's as if I am just making it up to think high is cool etc and not even smoked but trust me I am buggin out right now. I tried to see if I could see an itch in the mirror earlier. Ok then that's long enough.
by diddy kong June 11, 2011