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Sloppy is the 2nd term in " The Crew's Definition of Drunk Levels." Ieee...you're getting there. Quite Possibley thee perfect definition of Bess. In this case, you are usually walking around, mayyybe slurring a couple words together, but it still comes out classy. Always Stay Classy. You usually end up going around talking to older Boys, and or younger Girls, and become BBF's with them for that One Night. Sloppy people are sloppy. If you are around them, I can guarentee a drink spilt on you sometime that night. But don't worry, they'll help you clean it up, with a giannnt smile on their face, which they can't help, because they are having a riot.
"Bess was soooooooo sloppy last night. I'm pretty sure that she manned up 4 times that night."
by StanC-walk August 02, 2006

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