5 definitions by Stan Lee

Bill Cosby's crappy puddin that he endorses on tv.
"Would you like some Bastard Puddin'my dear?"

Bill Cosby to his wife.
by Stan Lee August 30, 2003
A crappy pastry.
That cake tasted like Orfin Pie.
by Stan Lee August 30, 2003
To become enraged when something small happens
Cindy became a beast when the children did not respect the house
by Stan Lee August 30, 2003
Your anus hole.
Donny put his dick in Matty's cornhole.
by Stan Lee August 30, 2003
shitty emo band that plays soft emo fag music.
Man: Angels and Airwaves is the shittiest band.
Emo kid: *Runs away to slit wrists*
by Stan Lee June 08, 2006

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