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The breakfast snack of sriggers. Eaten with marmalade, on a monorail, while speaking sribonics.
Mernon says: M'naah, those m'naahing Sran Cakes m'naah m'naah good. I wamanah m'naah I had me some Srorange Juice to washamanamah it damanahwamadaaaa SHAAAT!

Me: Mernon, you're such a goddam srigger ass srig.
by Srig-o-rama December 01, 2003
Prefered mode of mass-transit for Sriggers.
M'nahnahanh just rode overm'nah on the monrail'nah.
by Srig-o-rama December 01, 2003

The street lingo of sriggers. Even though most srigs conception of the street is a nice suburban avenue because m'nah m'nahm'nah'mmm'mahnahnhanhahnah.
Mernon: Sheit, m'nah nah goobabideebah SHAAAAAAT. Whaa shabadee-bap-bap-da boozle deezle bap shrimananamaaaahh M'NAAH!

Me: Mernon, I can't understand your goddam Sribonics. Stop being such a mernon.
by Srig-o-rama December 01, 2003
A suffix for any sribonic s phrase, or as a replacement for anything in the world.

Also indicates sexual pleasure.
M'nahh m'nah mmmmm m'nah nah nah nah nahhhhh M M M MMMmMmMmM'NnnNnnaaHHHHHHH!!! M'NAAH!
by Srig-o-rama December 01, 2003
Favorite topping for english muffins, toast and sran cakes of the Srigger population. Usually consumed on a monorail
Passam'nah the marmalde, m'nah?
by Srig-o-rama December 01, 2003

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