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Pronounced pr-ee-n. A mix between prep and scene.
It's pretty much a girl/guy who dresses like a prep, but also has a mixture of scene attributes. They take lots of pictures of themselves and are addicted to MySpace, but are also very hyper and giddy and giggly and usually quite popular.
Person 1: "She's such a prep. She's like... always happy in those Abercrombie clothes."
Person 2: "No, she's scene. Look at that shirt! It's so scene. And she's taking another picture of herself at a weird angle."
Person 3: "Uhh, no, she's prene. Dude, she totally has some prep clothes, but some look totally scene, and she takes a lot of pictures of herself. She's prene, definitely."
by Squishy Cool August 31, 2006
This syndrome is what all modern doctors have been showing symptoms of. It's where they can't stop making up syndromes and disorders to diagnose people with. And they're only making them up in order to make more medications, which in turn make more money. These syndromes include ADD, ADHD, and "Restless Legs Syndrome".
Examples of 2 doctors who have Syndrome Syndrome:

Guy: "And like, I have these weird muscle spasms, where I can't keep my legs still when I'm trying to go to sleep."
Doctor: "Oh yeah? Well, that must be uh... Restless Legs Syndrome. Yeah, that's it. Here's the medication you're gonna need to take to treat it..."

Woman: "My child is so hyper! I know he's only five, but I just wanna sit around and watch TV! Why can't I just sit around and watch TV without my kid getting into stuff?"
Doctor: "Because he has ADD. Here, give him some of this, it should calm him down."
by Squishy Cool August 12, 2006
The ability some men have to fix everything and answer very difficult questions, while also being quite manly and masculine.
Me: "Dude, my Green Day tape broke!"
Sam: "Here, I'll fix it. *fixes*"
Me: "OMG! You have some amazing manly skillpowers!"
by Squishy Cool August 12, 2006
Friends Even After Porno
She is my FEAP, so if you mess with her, then... I might cry.
by Squishy Cool July 30, 2006
Similar to ridonculous, but a little bit cooler. It's the most extreme version of ridiculous. Used especially if you're extremely angry or appalled.
Person 1: "I'm not buying you any more ice cream. You seriously don't need any more."
Person 2: "WTF?! That's completely dikronculous!"
by Squishy Cool July 26, 2006
Like when people say jk, which is internet slang for just kidding, but they actually say the letters. In this form, you elongate the y sound, so you say "jayyy kayyy!". It means you are just kidding, and is much cooler to say out loud than just "jk" or "just kidding!".
Friend 1: "We should get his number... and stalk him."
Guy: "WHAT?!"
Friend 2: "Haha, jayyy kayyy!"
by Squishy Cool August 02, 2006
Best Friends Even After Hollywood
Me and my BFEAH are going to the store to take random pictures.
by Squishy Cool July 26, 2006

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