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3 definitions by Squeentips

Government by Malcolm-Jamal Warner.
The show Malcolm and Eddie would never have gotten on the air if we did not live in a Theocracy.
by Squeentips January 02, 2007
28 16
Catchall term for wholesome kids who don some sort of subculture garb and slightly adopt an "alternative" lifestyle (skater gear, punk-ish music) in order to win over new recruits to Christianity.
Patrick Fugit's character in the movie "Saved" is a skateboard Christian
by Squeentips June 14, 2009
6 4
When someone performs oral sex on another person and gets a pubic hair stuck in his or her teeth.
Georgia didn't trim down south before our last hookup. As a result, I got some accidental floss 'tween my teeth.
by Squeentips November 10, 2010
2 1